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Hey guys… Here’s a little intro into who I am and what I give in my work and my life.

Hi I'm Zoe Toussaint of Emerald Touch. I use a range of alternative and holistic therapies to support people with their own growth.

I started my therapy journey as a Swedish massage therapist in 2001 and quickly began to see that there were many other layers to a person. Many people would not only come for a massage but come to be heard, to communicate and express things to me which they hadn’t been able to voice to anybody else.

It became a beautiful body work and spontaneous counselling session in one.

In my discovering that we are deeper than ‘just a body’ I moved gracefully into training as a Reiki practitioner, eventually training in my Reiki Masters in 2005. Understanding the mechanics of how our energetic bodies receive and respond to this natural flow of universal love (Reiki) has been the most enlightening journey, watching many people heal on so many levels has been the most gratifying experience!

Through out this time my inner voice began to get louder, and I could hear the sweet voice within guiding me on my path. This took me down the beautiful and extraordinary road of Angel therapy! I trained with Doreen Virtue in 2003. Beginning to hear the angelic voice within gave me and many others inspiration, hope and a deeper understanding to the creative process of our own lives.

Up to this day I have trained in Ascension therapy (a step by step process using crystals to activate the light body) and Hawaiian heart healing, from the Huna teachings of the ancient Hawaiians that have weaved the magic through this earth for centuries.

My most recent endeavour is the realisation of the power of dance, deep meditation and breath work…. All of this together is CHAKRADANCE™. Personally, this has been the most transformative journey I have been on and continue to be on. Please see therapies and workshops for details. Or visit Chakradance.com.

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My own life experience, as well as training as therapist, has opened me up to healing myself on many levels. Dealing with grief at a young age and understanding suffering have been places I have dwelled for many years.

However, it has given me new understandings and shown me parts of myself and never knew existed. To put it simply, the journey has been one of LOVE.

I now choose to give to my loving care to support people with their own growth and transformation and to simply watch the joyful process of healing as people shift their consciousness.

I teach my own workshops and courses in Angel guidance, Reiki, meditation techniques, conscious breath work, Chakradance™, self awareness and much more.

What I know is this…

Within each one of us is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL UNIQUE LIGHT, and all we need do is to turn and look at it. Just look at it! It all starts and ends there.

Further training

Throughout 2016 and 2017 I am training to be a death Doula…

A beautiful process to be the silent witness, the support and help to terminally ill people and their families. This is a beautiful, delicate and much needed gateway for those in the transition towards death.

As a healer I have been called to hold the gate open many times to guide people home. Now my presence, awareness and knowledge deepen to be with those in need.

We all need a midwife, for the entrance in and the exit out.

With love and peace…

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