Want to know more about what therapies are like? Check out this client feedback.

“A meeting with Zoe is the meeting with yourself you don’t want to miss. She reflects your beautiful you. She comforts and lifts your spirits. Zoe made me realise and see the beauty in life.”
– Sissel Leire

“Zoe Toussaint is a consummate professional.
Having known her for over twenty years both personally and professionally as she was initially a friend of mine, I can testify to her deep professionalism, knowledge and very deep desire and will to heal the person she is working with.

She is incredibly intuitive, something integral to this position of healer, and incredibly empathetic .
She has the ability to see to the core of the troubles you are dealing with rapidly and clearly, which allows the  truth to come to the fore which is of course the most important part of her job, getting to the truth, sending love and shining light to heal that truth if needs be and is extremely good at getting to the crux of the matter.
Zoe is highly intelligent both from life experience and extensive training and has enormous integrity in her work.

In my life I have had many highs and lows and Zoe has been there throughout and I want to point out that Zoe can sense things one doesn’t even sense oneself especially when one is in dark or light places.
She always always looks to the positive in everything and is ready to laugh at the humour of it all which this makes you laugh and brings you back to centre which is the best and healthiest place to be.
Thankyou for your extraordinary friendship and soul Zoe.
You are one of the strongest, most beautiful and kindest people I know.”
– Maria Luong

“I remember my first meeting with Zoe. It turned out to be truly amazing! On my way to see her I was excited, but also a little bit apprehensive of what the appointment would bring, as it was my first meeting with a Holistic Therapist.

“From the second we met I felt her genuine and loving soul embracing me, and despite her not knowing anything about me at all she immediately read both my body and soul. What she saw astonished me! How could she know…? Every little touch of disbelieve immediately disappeared.

“This was for real!

“Ever since that day, Zoe has helped me with Healing, Guidance and Bodywork. It truly has helped me through hard times in life. Her Healing relieves both stress and pain and it gives me a boost of energy. For me, Zoe’s gifted abilities, is an invaluable help in my everyday life. Thank you so much, so far, Zoe.”

– Bente Jensen