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Transformational Healing with Emerald Touch

Hi, I’m Zoe. I use a range of alternative and holistic therapies to support people with their own growth.

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Holistic therapies aim to treat you as a ‘whole’ person, including your mind, body, spirit and emotions.

In my practise I create a very safe space for you to go deep into what ever you need to explore or heal. This safety is the key and first step to transforming your life.

My aim is to support you to shift your consciousness, to see things from a higher or different perspective, to support you to take responsibility for your own life and healing, and to be a channel for the most important process of all… self love ?

In a general session many techniques can be used, including body work, energy healing, reading, spiritual counselling, and body movement exercises. This is to tailor the treatment to your needs and work with all layers of you.


The only way FORWARD is to give you BACK to yourself ...NOW

The only way FORWARD is to give you BACK to yourself ...NOW

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