Bente Jensen

Posted: February 4, 2016 By: Comment: 0

I remember my first meeting with Zoe. It turned out to be truly amazing! On my way to see her I was excited, but also a little bit apprehensive of what the appointment would bring, as it was my first meeting with a Holistic Therapist.

From the second we met I felt her genuine and loving soul embracing me, and despite her not knowing anything about me at all she immediately read both my body and soul. What she saw astonished me! How could she know…? Every little touch of disbelieve immediately disappeared.

This was for real!

Ever since that day, Zoe has helped me with Healing, Guidance and Bodywork. It truly has helped me through hard times in life. Her Healing relieves both stress and pain and it gives me a boost of energy. For me, Zoes gifted abilities, is an invaluable help in my everyday life. Thank you so much, so far, Zoe.